Thursday, August 30, 2012

About Us

Olive and I are both 12 years old (in sixth grade) and are identical twins. But we're not alike in everything. It's like that old MK & A song, "Identical Twins" (and for the record, MK & A are fraternal twins).

I'm the outgoing sister. I'm younger by seven minutes and, in fact, my sister and I were born on different days! How cool is that? Instead of having one day to celebrate, we have two!

My sister is pretty quiet. I love soccer and Olive loves to dance. My favorite colors are green and purple and hers are pink and yellow. I love owls and Olive loves wolves. I love singing and she loves painting. We have our own fashion styles, although sometimes we like to dress alike. I'm into the Twilight series and Olive loves The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. I'm a righty and my sister's a lefty.

We're also alike in some ways. We're both allergic to mangoes (it's mild). We both love some of the same movies and books. We love amusement parks. We both want to travel the world someday and we both love seals.

We're "two...two, totally...totally, utterly...utterly Opposite...opposite, totally...totally, different...different Identical twins!"


Here's a photo of us dressed alike:

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  1. Hi Aimee,

    I can totally relate! People always expect me to be a clone of Juliette, my identical twin. The ironic bit is that I'm three minutes older than Juliette; shouldn't SHE be a clone of ME?! LOL, but no, we've definitely got a lot of differences. Even if we have an interest in common, one of us may be more passionate about the said interest. Take ballet, for instance. We both love it. We have to love it with a former professional ballerina-turned-instructor as a mom! However, Juliette lives and breathes ballet, while I have other interests I'd like to pursue, like science or traveling.

    Speaking of Juliette, I bet she and Olive would get along great. It's too bad Julie (sometimes I call her that) is too shy to say hello or to travel with me. Maybe I can convince her to visit Star Valley someday. Wouldn't it be cool for all four of us to hang out together?