Tuesday, September 4, 2012

School Woes

Olive and I had our first day of school today. It went alright for me but not for my sister. I guess Olive brought her Blue (from Blues Clues) stuffed animal to school, in her backpack. Somehow Blue accidentally fell out, along with everything else in her backpack, and before I knew it, some of the other kids found out and began making fun of Olive! I saw her eyes fill with tears :(. There were a few girls that didn't laugh-I'm glad they didn't. The teacher was out of the room, making copies of a worksheet, when it happened.

A little while after we got home from school, I looked out my window and saw Olive throw Blue in the garbage can. Then I heard her bedroom door slam shut. Neither of us have watched Blues Clues for years but Olive loves her Blue. Dad gave her Blue for Christmas when we were little. And Olive and Dad were really close.

I hope tomorrow goes better.


P.S. I grabbed Blue from the trash before it began to rain. I don't want my sis to regret tossing her out over some stupid, mean comments.