Saturday, March 22, 2014


Hey everyone, it's Olive. First off-ack! Sorry neither of us have posted in MONTHS! In fact it's been just about a year! Yikes!

Okay, so...long story short, I may have a detention on Monday. Okay, I *do* have a detention on Monday. Now you want the story. Well, here goes. We were in social studies class yesterday, and we were supposed to hand in our homework. As my teacher came by to collect my paper, I was searching for it. Then I suddenly remembered that I accidentally left it on my desk, at home. Before I realized what I had said, I blurted-well, a word I'm not going to repeat here. All my classmates turned toward me and of course my teacher heard the word. She then told me that I had a DT. I quickly slunk down in my seat, embarrassed at what I'd just blurted in front of the teacher and miserable about the DT I have to serve on Monday.

After school was over, I hesitantly walked up to my teacher and apologized for blurting...the word...and I told her I'd left my social studies homework at home on accident and asked if I could bring it in on Monday. She told me that she was disappointed but luckily she is allowing me to turn in my homework late.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time I've had a DT. Last year, when all the bullying was happening, there was a day that I had to serve a DT because I'd been lingering in the hallway when the bell rang for class. I'd been reluctant to go in.

Usually I'm not a bad student. Detentions are not the norm for me-I'm not a girl with a "bad rep" I'm trying to keep up. I'm just a girl who sometimes makes mistakes that lands me in detention. Here's hoping things go alright on Monday.


P.S. Have you ever gotten in trouble with one of your teachers?