Monday, November 19, 2012

School Is Getting Better and a Fun Birthday


We are so sorry that it has been awhile since we've last blogged. We're still here! Sometimes life just gets in the way or we mean to post but forget or something. You probably know how it is.

Anyway, to update you on Olive's being bullied, in continued for a couple weeks. Olive was really frustrated and overwhelmed. She even failed some worksheets and quizzes and a test :( Seeing her hurt like that made me a bit overwhelmed, too. I was torn between wanting to hug my sister tightly and stand up or let her be alone and try to figure it out herself. Has anyone else ever been torn like that?

Finally, I went and told the teacher what was happening. Most of the other kids had stopped before that point but there were a couple that still kept teasing Olive. The teacher and principal had a talk with them and also had a meeting with us. We were both nervous but I knew it was the right thing to do. Before our teacher had meetings with everyone, she caught Olive being teased. Olive had run out of the classroom crying. I followed her of course.

A couple girls in our class as well as a couple in other grades were there for us. Tessa, Annie, Susie, Marina...thank you, guys! *Hugs.* (and hugs to everyone here who has helped us)!.

Everything has since died down which is good; If I could go back in time, I would have told the teacher sooner. I gave my sis her Blue back and she was happy that I saved Blue. I know she would've regretted it if something had happened to her beloved stuffed animal. I've also been helping her get back on track, in her schoolwork. We even stayed after school a few times, so we could get help from our teacher.

At the end of September, we celebrated our birthdays! Mine is Sept. 30th and Olive's is Sept. 29th. We had a party and invited Marina, Susie, Annie and Tessa. We got some wonderful presents-necklaces with our initials, from our friends, stuffed animals (Olive got me a Monstaz and I got her an Uglydoll Whippy because I thought his bio fit). We got new outfits from our mom and American Girl dolls from our mom and Aunt Judy! Olive got Marie-Grace and I got Caroline. We play with them a lot.

Last month, another girl moved to Star Valley and is in our class. Her name is Sloane and she's from New York City but we haven't really hung out so I don't know much else.

Other than all that, there isn't really much else going on. Here are a few pics from our birthday party:


With our new dolls (and in our new outfits)

Everyone singing Happy Birthday, to us

Annie, Susie, Olive, Me (Aimee), Tessa, Marina

And here's a video of our birthday party:

'Til Next time,